Mission Statement:

The goal of Bikini TV(tm) is to become a television channel dedicated to 24 hour, 365 day per year "bikini-rich" sponsored programming FUNDING EDUCATION!

Why Create Bikini TV? (The reasoning behind our madness...)

It's ironic that entertainment has become larger than educating our children, but we must take destiny into our own hands (and have fun in the process).

What obstacles does the evolution of Bikini TV™ face?

  1. Overcoming the "Channel Availability" Barrier

    A. Wide spread infrastructure for multiple channel distribution is not currently available.

    B. Open Competition guidelines are still unresolved thereby restricting the true opportunity for local telephone, long distance, cable TV, and power companies to distribute all services:

    • Television
    • Local telephone service
    • Online services
    • Long distance telephone service
    • Video conferencing

  2. Capturing Market Share - Electronic Foot Traffic

    The only things that motivate the TV/Cable industry are:

    • Electronic foot traffic (viewers)
    • Advertisers' money

    Without a TV Network, there are no new viewers, and therefore, no advertising money. Where would MTV or CNN be if the cable industry was not allowed to enter the marketplace and compete with NBC, CBS or ABC?

    Fortunately, as the infrastructure grows and Open Competition guidelines are resolved, Bikini TV will be a channel flip away!

    For More Information:


    1ST STEP - BIKINI TV WORLD WIDE WEB INTERNET LAUNCH Interactive Web Site is the starting point of Bikini TV becoming a network television reality, but we need your help to convince the TV/ Cable industry. Remember, the only things that motivate the TV/ Cable industry are:

    • Electronic foot traffic (viewers)
    • Advertisers' money

    If you agree with the Bikini TV concept and its support for education, then help build the Bikini TV community by spreading the word and visiting often.

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    American Bureau of Information, Inc. also owns the domain name "" to help protect the intellectual property concept of Bikini TV®.

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